Formerly The Democratic Travelers

The Crew

TL;DR: Two humans, two dogs, and a cat, stuffed into an aluminum tube for four years.


We've lived in this Airstream since January of 2013. Along the way we've picked up two dogs and a cat (not pictured above). Our last project, The Democratic Travelers, earned us the title of National Geographic Travelers of the Year and sent us to 39 states, all following the whims of our followers.

2015-02-21 12.11.25.jpg

John Ellis

A software engineer by day, and an amateur guitarist, photographer, cosmologist, handyman, diesel truck mechanic, electrician, plumber, dog-whisperer, and bourbon enthusiast the rest of the time.

2014-09-24 07.40.38.jpg

Laura Preston

The CQO (Chief Quilting Officer) of Vacilando Quilting Co., and the head chef, plant-whisperer, and navigator-in-chief of our shared Airstream life. Also a bourbon enthusiast.

2016-11-05 10.20.27.jpg


Named after the bourbon, for being golden brown, smooth, and mellow.

2015-04-04 14.01.58.jpg


The wildcard of the menagerie, equal parts snuggles and zoomies.

2016-10-01 09.35.30 HDR.jpg


The surprisingly affectionate and only occassionally grumpy cat.